The Sprinkler System

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know what type of system is best for my site?

As a professional irrigation contractor The Sprinkler System, Inc is knowledgeable about factors such as water supply and pressure, soil types, planting materials and weather conditions. It is important to remember that a system must be customized to best suit your property requirements.

How can I expect satisfaction from my system?

Your satisfaction depends on 3 factors that we routinely deliver:
A: The quality of the components
B: The design of the system
C: The craftsmanship of the installation

Will the design and equipment help save water?

Our systems use the most efficiently designed sprinkler nozzling available. Your watering schedule will also be planned to minimize waste caused by runoff, wind drift and evaporation.

Are all sprinkler heads alike?

Definitely not. Rotary types cover larger areas more economically while spray heads are used for more confined areas. The two should never be zoned together.

How much water does a sprinkler head put down?

We design our systems to put down the maximum amount of water evenly in the shortest amount of time. While other sprinkler heads may seem to cover a great distance, they may not be putting down enough volume of water. In drought situations where watering times are limited this aspect becomes extremely important.

Will the installation damage existing landscape?

We take the utmost care to insure that your landscape is not disturbed more than necessary during the installation process. We also strive to restore it as quickly and neatly as possible.

How long will an installation take?

We take pride in our start-to-finish time. On average, an installation with our crews can be completed in less than two days, while maintaining our standards of quality craftsmanship.

Can a system have an automatic rain cut-off switch?

Yes. We install a sensor that cuts the electrical current to the remote control valves during rainy periods.

If future servicing on the system is required, how long will it take to have you return to the site?

The Sprinkler System, Inc. has a separate service division. Almost all servicing can be taken care of within a few days. Simply call our office and you will be guaranteed a quick response from one of our service vehicles.

Will the system be guaranteed?

All our systems are fully guaranteed to be free from defects in parts and workmanship for a full year from the date of installation. Our systems also include your first winterization service that frees all pipes of water to keep them from freezing during the winter months.


An Irrigation System is a major purchase where you only see the end results, not the materials and craftsmanship used...

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